2017 Transportation Improvement Program Map of Projects The proposed FY 2017 TIP was made available to the public for review during normal business hours (M-F, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.) from June 27, 2016 through July 25, 2016 at the BMPO office located at 1810 W. Broadway, Suite 15 in Idaho Falls and on the BMPO website: www.bmpo.org. Comments were taken during the same time period. BMPO received no requests for a public hearing.

The BMPO Policy Board reviewed and approved the final Transportation Improvement Program at their meeting held September 21, 2016.

This publication specifically satisfies the Federal Transit Administration’s Program of Projects requirements.

The FY 2017 TIP will be the final program unless amended.

AMENDMENTS: January Amendment to 2017 Transportation Improvement Program  May Amendment to 2017 Transportation Improvement Program


2016 Annual Listing of Obligated Federal Transportation Funds The annual listing identifies all obligations for specific tasks such as construction, right-of-way acquisition and preliminary engineering for roadway improvement projects that occurred during the first year of the previous TIP.  Funds are also obligated for planning and public transportation projects and activities.

Obligation means the phase of a roadway improvement project or other activity is ready and eligible to receive federal funds for the specific programmed task.  It does not indicate the task has been completed.